5 Simple Holiday Gifts

We live in a consumer society where the word “gift” is such a loaded question. Gift giving should not be a stressful experience. It should be something that comes from the heart and says “I’m thinking of you” and not a test of how much someone cares or loves you. This holiday season don’t worry about your gift being too modest or falling short of someone’s expectations. Why fall prey to the commercial manipulations of the holiday season? Here’s 5 simple gifts for the holidays which you can be proud of giving:

1. Gifts of your time & friendship
2. Warm cookies on a cold winter day
3. Board games to bring families together
4. A favorite book, re-wrapped to share and be treasured by others
5. A “voucher” for a home-made dinner you serve up to a friend

Push back against the blatant calls of the gift industry and don’t have your gift to someone special be found languishing at next years’ garage sale. Strive to keep it simple, pure, from one heart to another.

How will you keep this year’s holiday gift giving pure and from your heart? Let’s hear your ideas!

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  1. Michelle O'Brien
    Michelle O'Brien says:

    I will be sharing my time. I would like people to ivite me to do something they enjoy. If they enjoy walking…invite me to join. If they enjoy building snow castles I will be there. Less about the gifts more about the time 🙂

  2. clutterbgone
    clutterbgone says:

    Exactly! There is way too much focus of the dollar value of gifts. What’s most important is what comes from the heart. I love your idea of sharing your time, the most valuable gift of all! Hope yo continue hearing from you on my blog as you have some inspiration to share!

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