Downsizing Your Home

5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Organizer when Downsizing Your Home

Thinking about downsizing your home along with all of the possessions you have accumulated over the years can feel overwhelming. Whether you want to stay in your current home or downsize into a smaller home, the decluttering process intimidates many. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. A professional organizer can help make the process much easier.

1. Finding Where to Start

Often the hardest thing to do is to begin the process. While you have good intentions, selecting which room to begin to organize first or how to go about doing it can be daunting. If it feels like too much, it’s common to think, “I’ll just do it another day.”

A professional organizer can help you if you feel like you’re not able to start the project and continue with it. That way you can progress to your new home or enjoy your current one more.

Downsizing Your Home

2. Help with Moving

Many people do not realize that ClutterBGone’s team of experts do more than reorganize a room. We also can provide valuable assistance before, during, and after the moving process. For example, we can:

  • Customize the floor plan of your future home
  • Develop storage systems for your home
  • Arrange for items to go to donation centers, family, or elsewhere for you
  • Interview movers for you
  • Supervise hired packers
  • Unpack boxes with you

3. Non-judgmental

You might feel embarrassed to show your home to a professional organizer in its current condition. As well, you may worry about sorting through intimate items.

Rest assured that ClutterBGone organizers do not pass judgment about your possessions or the appearance of your house. Instead, we offer unconditional support and encouragement throughout the downsizing process so that you attain the desired results.

4. Deciding What to Keep

It is difficult for most people to choose between what to keep and what to donate, sell, or toss. Possessions often have sentimental values and thinking about giving them up is stressful.

A professional organizer can guide you through the tough moments when you have trouble deciding so that things keep flowing. Transitioning smoothly to a new home or creating a more livable space in your current residence is what you can achieve with a professional organizer at your side.

5. The Experience to Know What to Do

Our organizers have packed, unpacked, and tackled household clutter. They work with adults and seniors, as well as those who are chronically disorganized.

Getting your home into its best shape begins with hiring an experienced organizer who understands not only to begin the downsizing process but keep it going through to the end as smoothly as possible. That way you can get the best price for your home, as well as having packing and unpacking help. What’s more, we make the process an enjoyable one for you, rather than one you dread!

Final Words on Hiring a Personal Organizer when Downsizing

Reducing your world isn’t easy for a lot of people to do on their own. Get downsizing help from people who do this for a living, like ClutterBGone. Contact us now to start the process.