5 Reasons To Organize Your Closet Now

I’m going to hazard a guess and say that you probably have far more clothes than you need and probably more clothes than you actually have space for. Your clothes closet is one of the more “popular” spaces that I get hired to work on. With spring coming next (I promise, it is coming) now may be a good time to get your closet decluttered and organized.

My philosophy is to surround yourself with what you love. This means what makes you feel great when you have it on, what feels good on your skin, what flatters your body type and what suits your style.

See what you have

With an organized closet you’re going to be able to find what you need a lot faster and most weekday mornings you likely need all the time you can get. If you can’t see what you have and everything is just thrown in your closet it adds to the chaos and stress of an already busy morning.

Look your best

With an organized closet there is room for everything and everything can be found.

You are going to look and feel a lot better wearing clothes that don’t look like they were taken off the top of a pile and you will be able to see what you have therefore cycle through your clothes and not be forced to wear the same clothes because that’s all you could find.

Save on expensive closet makeovers

We recently organized a bedroom for a client who was sure she needed a new closet system for her walk in closet and had budgeted a good amount of money towards one. By the time we had completed de-cluttering and organizing her clothing and accessories, she had room to spare in her closet and she wasn’t going to miss a single item. She actually saved money by hiring us and not having to purchase a custom closet organizing system.

It just feels good

You open or walk into your closet several times a day. When you open that door and see an organized space it feels great! You can see everything, it is all organized by type and it is so easy to select what you need.

It can also be a stepping-stone for getting the rest of your home in order. Also, your clothes are kept in better shape in an organized closet, preserving their value, and who doesn’t feel good wearing better looking clothes?

Make some money

More and more people are shopping at high end second hand clothing stores and keeping your clothes in better shape in an organized closet will enhance the value of anything you may want to sell in these shops or elsewhere.

So, there’s five good reasons to organize your closet. I know you are going to want to add to your wardrobe with some new spring fashions so what better time than now to declutter first? If you need help with your organizing your closet, or any other part of your home, you can contact us here.