professional organizing tips

5 Professional Organizing Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for the best organizing tips, who better to look to than professional organizers themselves? Today, our ClutterBGone team spills the secrets on clever tips and hacks to help you get the tidy home you’ve been imagining so that you feel less stress and save time.

Organizing Tip 1: There’s No One Method

Surprise! There’s not one single way to organize a home.

What works well within your house would not be the same for someone else and vice versa. That’s why a good professional organizer spends time with you to help understand what’s not working for you in terms of storage and efficiency. From there, the expert can tailor solutions to your needs, getting feedback from you at every step to make sure you’re on the same page.

Organizing Tip 2: Remove Clutter before Buying Storage Bins

Many people make the mistake of buying storage baskets and other containers before they decide what to clear away. Instead, the best strategy is to remove the clutter after deciding what to keep, donate, sell, or toss.

That way, you will have an accurate idea of how much stuff you have altogether. Then you know how many storage bins to buy and what sizes would work the best.

professional organizing tips

Organizing Tip 3: Create Zones in Rooms and Closets

If you look around in wonder at a tidy home, there’s likely a lot happening behind the scenes. A professional organizer can help you to create zones or areas within rooms and closets for different purposes.

For example, the top shelf of the entranceway closet could be for shoe cleaning supplies. This type of organization makes it easy to know exactly where to look for the items you need, rather than throwing things into a random drawer in the kitchen.

Organizing Tip 4: Ownership isn’t Everything

Often people put high regard on owning something. But having a lot of items means that you need to clean and maintain them, which takes time and energy, as well as finding room for them in your house.

On the other hand, renting or borrowing things can be a great way to use and enjoy items. Be receptive to methods of utilizing physical things that don’t involve owning them.

Organizing Tip 5: Filing Not Stacking

If you have stacks of paper in a home office or scattered around rooms, then you likely already know how much effort goes into finding anything in those piles. Rather than stacking paper horizontally, look instead at vertical storage ideas.

Hanging file folders in your desk drawer, for example, can be a simple, effective way to stay organized. Plus, they’re hidden in a drawer, so no one sees the paperwork, making the room look clean and spacious.

Banishing Clutter, Finally

The strategies above are only some of the ways to clearing away messes in the home and make areas more productive than before. As every household has different needs and a unique home layout, ClutterBGone customizes every service to you.

Tell us your goals, and we’ll work alongside you to organize your house, whether it is a room, closet, home office, or another area. Take the first step by contacting us today.