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5 Professional Closet Organizing Tips

Do you look in the closets at home and wish you could wave a magic wand to organize them? What would that look like? If you want to simplify and make more sense of closet space, all within a short amount of time, then the closet organizing tips below from our organizing pros are sure to help you.

1.      Group Similar Items

This first tip is perhaps the most important one. It is the principle of grouping together similar things, whether pants are pairing with pants in your clothes closet or pasta jars beside pasta jars in your pantry.

Sorting them this way will make your life significantly easier. Not only will you save time in the morning finding your favourite pants to wear today as you know exactly where to find them, but you will also notice that the closet has a great cohesive look.

2.      Adjust Shelves

If you have yet to change the level on any shelf in the closet, now is the time. Often, shelving can move up or down, and doing so will allow you to fit more items without it looking cluttered.

On the other hand, you might want to create a custom built-in. This closet system is specifically designed for your needs and preferences; our organizers can help you measure for it and suggest how to maximize your use of the space

We can also help you decide where best to store things within this closet or another one. For example, items you frequently use can go on the center shelf of the linen closet, rather than low or high shelves.

closet organizing tips

3.      Hang Most, Fold Some

Whenever possible, hang clothes. They are then less likely to wrinkle, as well as being easier to locate a certain item than piles of shirts, pants, skirts, and sweaters.

The exception to this rule is the sweaters that might stretch if you put them on hangers rather than fold them. Put the ones you wear the most often on top of the folded pile to easily access them.

4.      Empty it First

If you’re unsure where to start, emptying everything out of the closet is a great first step. Then clean the shelves thoroughly to remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated over time.

Following that comes decision time. Now is when you say yay or nay to what will go back into the closet. Those things you have not used for a year or longer are best put into the donation pile, or you might want to sell them instead. Otherwise, they are taking up precious space without adding value.

5.      Get Creative with Storage Add-Ons

Look at what you love about the closet. For example, it might have a high ceiling.

In this situation, take advantage of the vertical space by adding multiple rods to hang clothes, purses, a shoe organizer, and whatever else is useful for you. Then, look at what you aren’t such a fan of and focus on solving those issues. If there aren’t any shelves, for instance, then you might put a dresser in the closet for additional storage.

Are you looking for more help? Reach out to our professional organizing team to find out how to improve your closet space. We have lots of great ideas!