5 Important Tips to Organize Your Fridge


Refrigerators have become quite the techy device these days. They have everything from clocks to ice and water dispensers to even televisions built in. You can have top freezers, bottom freezers and even hidden doors inside, but when it comes down to it your refrigerator is there for storing and keeping food fresh. Here are five tips for keeping your fridge organized.

Don’t overdo the bulk buying

1) Buying in bulk and freezing for later use is a great way to save money but keep in mind that all food has a best before date and freezer burn can set in so don’t overdo it when buying in bulk. Items stored in the freezer are best stored in clear plastic freezer bags or plastic containers. Glass is not the best container for freezing foods as it cannot mould to the item like freezer bags can (removing any air from the bag). In some cases the glass can be more susceptible to breaking when cold.

Prevent cross contamination

2) Crispers are normally used for fruits and vegetables – one for each. You should also use one drawer for raw meat to ensure it is totally separate from other foods and that no contamination can take place. In the event anything drips from any raw meat it will be contained to the drawer to prevent cross-contamination. Don’t forget to wash the drawer used for raw meat frequently.


3) Use a deodorizer in your fridge. You have seen all of those commercials touting the use for baking soda. Just put a box in your fridge and let it soak up the smells. I have a better idea. Keep the baking soda for baking and clean your fridge out when it starts to smell. An odour coming from your fridge is an indication that something is going bad. Is it not better to address it right away then to have something get worse creating a problem that will be tougher to clean later? Better yet why take the chance of something contaminating another item in your fridge and causing your family to fall ill.

Keep circulation flowing

4) Don’t overload the fridge. Air needs to circulate inside the fridge to keep items at their freshest. I know this can be a challenge around the holidays or parties but try not to jam the fridge. You have to be able to easily access whatever you need.


5) Don’t forget those best before dates. Go through your fridge at least twice a month and toss anything that looks or smells like it should be tossed. The best before date is really a suggested date but when that date comes up keep a close eye on those items or simply toss them to be safe. When you put leftovers in the fridge be sure to put the date on the container so you know how long an item has been in there and avoid those science projects.

Tip : Did you know that apples emit a certain gas that can cause certain vegetables to ripen early? Keep fruits and vegetables separate for freshness.

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