decluttering during a pandemic

5 Decluttering Lessons from the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot about caring for our mental health, and the incredible resilience of human beings in a crisis. Some lessons apply specifically to the home, which likely won’t come as a surprise given the amount of time most people spent there during this time. Whether you started a decluttering project during the lockdown or plan to do so soon, here are five takeaways to help organize and simplify life.

1.      Be More Intentional

The pandemic has shed light on how quickly things can change and the importance of making the most of today. This mindset can apply to your decisions about what to buy and bring home, from decor to clothes.

Choosing only to purchase what you need or what brings you happiness can be freeing, and you’ll likely save money by not buying excess material goods. This level of intention can prevent clutter from creeping into the house over time.

2.      Take a Money Mindset

The pandemic left many people without jobs, either permanently or temporarily. This challenging time involved learning how to budget and make do with less.

This attention to finances is one that you can apply while decluttering around the home. As you look around, think about the monetary value of different items. This mindset can help you finally part with items you no longer use but had trouble detaching from. Looking at material things as means to build up your savings or pay down a debt provides great motivation to sell them.

3.      We Can Make Do

During the pandemic, families pared down what they used to spend less. We went out much less, and when we did, the shopping lists were often shorter than pre-pandemic.

The zest for buying unnecessary things fell to the wayside as finances, health, and safety took priority. The lesson here is that we can make do with less and frivolous things can wait. It’s a reminder to think twice before buying something and avoid impulse items that become clutter at home.

Decluttering during a pandemic4.      Create a Satisfying Life

Take the time to craft a life you love. Surrounding yourself with material things that don’t bring you a deeper happiness only keeps you from that goal. So, now is the time to choose what to have in your home environment and let go of clutter.

5.      Make Better Use of Space

With so much time spent indoors, families learned to use every inch of their house for time together and alone. Several households began renovation projects to improve kitchens, closets, and other spaces.

The lesson here was to make the most of our homes and enjoy living in them. That involves keeping rooms and closets organized moving forward and resisting buying items that only add clutter.

We can help you make the most of your living space. ClutterBGone is a team of professional organizers who love providing people with the tools, suggestions, and support to enjoy a more organized, stress-free home environment.