5 Clever Steps To Downsize & Ease Your Mind


Downsizing is more than just a term to throw around for liberating yourself of items when you no longer have enough space. Downsizing is essential to most of us at some point in our lives. Whether you’re moving yourselves into smaller quarters due to aging or moving closer to the city where house prices are higher and therefore you get less for your money, we are all going to downsize at some point.

Have you seen those reality shows where people try to move into the smallest homes they can find? Do you wonder how they do that? Here are some guidelines that will assist you when the time comes for you to downsize.

Do I really need that?

That is the first question to ask yourself. The fact that you need to ask the question is telling you something. Take a good look around and make a list of everything that you just can’t live without. Now look at what’s left and ask yourself that same question.

If you have not used an item for over a year chances are you really don’t need it. downsizeHow about that chair that you “inherited” from a family member? Saving it for the kids? They are not likely going to want it either, so why not donate it to someone who can truly appreciate it now? Be practical knowing that space may be at a premium for you.

What about those duplicates?

Again, make a list. Are you moving in with someone? What do they have that you already have and vice versa? Go over this list before the move and decide what is coming with you, as good intentions tend to fly out the window after you have settled in. How about your dishes? Have duplicates there? Everyday dishes, “good” dishes, dishes packed away somewhere? When is the last time you entertained for a large gathering? Do you need enough wine and beer glasses for a sorority party or is rental an option? It may be time to pare them down.

Donate, gift or cash?

A lot of items that you no longer need can be used by many charities to help others in need. You can check on line for charities in your area. Many will have a free pick up service and will make good use of your items.

Your children may have their eye on a special item that you have or perhaps they could use an extra chair or table now. downsizeGive some thought to gifting to them now rather than later so you can see them enjoying your items. You can always sell what you no longer require as well. You worked hard to downsize so why not sell the items and use the cash for something you have always wanted? Go ahead, treat yourself.

Have the tools ready

When moving into smaller quarters you will have to think like a professional organizer. Containerize when you can and use clear plastic containers so you can easily see what is stored inside. Lazy Susan’s are great to take advantage of minimal cupboard space and double up your storage in your closets with extra closet rods.

Maintenance is key

Once you have completed the task of downsizing you will wonder how you lived with everything you did. Remember the number one rule – one in = one out. Regardless of what it is but especially with clothing, when one comes in select a similar item to go out. Schedule periodic times to take stock of what you have and what you can do without.

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