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5 Brilliant Organizing Ideas for a Small Home

When you have a small house, being clever with storage and organization can help you make the most of the space. That’s far more affordable than putting an extension on the home, and it’s just as satisfying. Here are five ideas to start you on your way:

1. Purge What is Not Needed

If you’re like most people, you hold onto things because you might need them someday. But often, someday never comes.

For example, you might be keeping class assignments from a decade ago in case you can use that research one day. Or, you might have knickknacks sitting in boxes for years.

If you can move past the fear of throwing things away, purging can be very empowering when you’re done. If you’re unsure what to keep or toss, ask yourself when the last time was you used the item, and if it’s been several years, then that is a sign that it is one to donate or sell.

2. Go High… Or Low

There is likely unused space, even though your home feels small. For example, if your closet is filled to the max when it comes to floor space, there could be room above the hangers for shelving.

This extra shelf is where you can store out-of-season clothing, as well as hats and purses. Put the items into matching baskets to organize them and create a nice look.

If there isn’t space above, then go below instead. That could be under-bed storage or adding a bench at the foot of the bed for extra linens and blankets.

3. Easily Weed Out What You Don’t Wear

If your bedroom closet is busting at its seams, don’t worry, as there’s an easy way to pare it down. When the season starts, put all hangers facing one way. Each time you wear something, put the hanger the other way.

By the end of the season, whichever hanger has not been turned means that you haven’t wear it and it can be given away or sold. Do that each season for a year and you will have more room in the closet!

4. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Maximize the amount of living space by choosing items that can do double-duty. For example, your nightstands could be laundry hampers; they have bedside lamps on top and towels or sheets inside.

Or, try a coffee table that opens to store books. The goal here is to get more out of each piece of furniture so that your place looks clean and uncluttered, all while having maximum functionality.

organizing ideas for small home

5. Rotate Kids’ Toys

If your kids have a lot of stuff, they likely are playing with everything at once. If you notice they haven’t touched something for a while, put it in the basement and bring something else out in its place.

When your children don’t see certain toys for a while, they will forget about them. When they get tired of the ones currently in the house, trade them out for something from the basement. That will surprise your kids and keep things fun, all without requiring you to have a massive playroom or buy new toys.

Final Words

Are you having trouble keeping your small home organized and clutter-free? We have a lot more ideas to help, and we’re only a phone call away! Remember, it’s not about the size of your house but instead how you use that precious space.