5 Best Places To Find Organizing Products

I often get asked where we find some of the products that we use when organizing someone’s home or office. So here is a list of some of the best places to get organizing products for you DIY type people.Charging station

As a preliminary caution however, we always advise our clients not to purchase anything until they first know the exact volume of each type of item to be contained or organized.

Otherwise you may end up very disappointed that what you purchased just doesn’t do the job, no too mention the time you waste going back and forth to stores. Your time is valuable.


Canadian Tire

This veteran Canadian icon has really expanded over the past few years and now sells everything from automotive goods to pet foods. Have a walk down the storage aisles and you will see a pretty impressive selection. They have many items that specialty organizing stores carry including shelving, plastic containers and even storage ottomans, benches and bookcases for those on a tight budget. The plus here is that this is somewhere you and your husband can go together. You just may have to go find him in the automotive or sporting goods aisles when you are done.


ikea_expedit_nakedI think IKEA is Swedish for “Holy Cow! I could get lost in this maze”. You likely know how IKEA is laid out. They herd you through the living room area, then through the bedroom and kitchen area before arriving in the area where you find all those neat little storage items. Lots of storage boxes, pencil holders, shelving, etc. They have a lot of neat items that are used in Europe, but be a wise shopper. IKEA items are made for the cost conscious and those that are handy in terms of putting products together. You will not get high quality products but they do have purpose and can last a very long time if well taken care of. One disadvantage is that sizes are only in metric when many other stores show both imperial and metric measurements. And don’t forget you will need a bit of patience if you buy something that requires assembly. Don’t be surprised if you end up with extra parts, or something may even be missing which is a frustrating experience.


This is one of our top favorites. Content varies from day to day so it’s hit and miss but sometimes you can find exactly what you need for a great price. This chain has about 100 stores across the country and has some really interesting pieces to organize, decorate or freshen up your. They have everything from canisters to wall hanging organizers to very useful furniture items for storage. We can almost always find a hallway console table here for a client at an extremely competitive price point.

Knope & Vogt Triple Bottom Mount recycling binsWinners

You never know what you are going to find at Winners and that is just the charm of this store. Because inventory is always rolling in and out the selection changes so it is also hit and miss, especially for organizing products, but when you do find something to use in your project you will get it at a great price.

The Container Store

Now shipping to Canada, this store has numerous locations across the US and I truly wish they had a brick and mortar store here. You will find organizing items galore on their website and if you know what you want, and don’t mind paying the freight to get it here and waiting a few days you will find many items that you just can’t find elsewhere. They have done a great job in categorizing their storage solutions on their site and it is very easy to navigate. Like all US large stores maybe one day we will see one here.

So for those of you that want to tackle the organizing project on your own these are the best places to get the items that will help you get the job done.

If your project is too chaotic for you to manage on your own, contact me here to learn more about how we can help you breathe again!