Home Office Organizing

5 Best Home Office Organizing Tips You’ll Love

Everyone has an idealized idea of what the perfect home office looks like: a place where you can work, create, and feel inspired. But with all the files, papers, accessories, and general clutter that usually piles up in these spaces, it’s hard to keep a home office organized, let alone “inspiring.” Whether you have a massive study or a little corner with a desk, there are plenty of solutions that can turn your space into a comfortable and uncluttered office. Here we’ve put together a few tips for arranging and ordering a home office.

Have a clear idea of what your office should look like

Before organizing your home office, it’s essential to decide what should actually be in the room, especially if it is a small space. Home offices can easily become a dumping ground for other things (such as ironing boards, gym equipment, toys), and that shouldn’t happen. Be clear about how you will use the space and only include the essential things for that purpose.

Which also means: purge, purge, purge!

Desk drawers and file cabinets are often full of pens, paperwork, notepads, and markers that no longer work – well, pointless clutter. There are probably papers, books and all sorts of objects in your office that have sat there for years with no purpose. It does take time, but before anything else, you should through everything around the room and decide what you want to keep and what should be discarded.

Office Furniture

Get the right furniture

And if you’re new to the “home office” thing, getting the right furniture is key. If your room has plenty of space, you can divide it into several areas: a relaxation and leisure corner with sofas and a desk/shelf area to work, for instance. Depending on how you’ll use this room, you should also contemplate the type of desk you’ll need. Keep in mind that a writing desk is fairly different from a computer desk or a floating desk. For smaller home offices, we recommend multi-functional furniture.

Invest in office supplies

And don’t forget to buy organizational supplies! That includes anything from cups where you can place your pens, to a cable management box to keep your cords from tangling. You can also invest in file organizers, storage cases, a few packs of interlocking drawer organizers, and any desk accessories that you might find useful. Keeping your things in order and accessible is the golden rule of thumb when it comes to creating your ideal desk setup.

Keep it clean and organized

To keep a home office clutter-free, you should make an effort to maintain the organization you’ve created. Make it a habit to put everything back in its place at the end of each workday. This sets you up for success the next day and helps you change gears from work to home life.

Having a clean and organized home office allows you to focus more on your work and feel more inspired. However, we’re well aware that it can also become an overwhelming task. If you are struggling with a cluttered, distracting workspace, and don’t know where to begin, get in touch with our team of experts! We will be delighted to offer you a free consultation to better understand your needs.