Virtual Organizing Services

5 Benefits of Virtual Organizing

Spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic means that you are likely noticing things (big and small) around you that need fixing or decluttering. Even in lockdown, there are still ways to improve your residence with the help of a professional. Virtual organizing is a great example of that. Here are five benefits you can look forward to with virtual organizational services:

1.      Stay Safe at Home

If having a stranger working in your house makes you uncomfortable, virtual services provide a great alternative. You can still gain the experience and help of our expert organizers while maintaining a safe distance and avoiding unnecessary contact with someone outside of your bubble. We understand the risks associated with COVID-19 and want everyone to be as comfortable and safe as possible.

2.      Easy-To-Use Technology

Our organizers use Zoom to meet with you for a consultation, following a short telephone intake to talk about your needs and preferences. Zoom is a free, intuitive software that does not require in-depth computer knowledge. Once it is setup, Zoom is where most sessions happen. We also see your space via live video or photos to help us guide you as effectively as possible.

virtual organizing services

3.      As Effective as In-Person Sessions

You might assume that virtual organizing is limited because the expert who you work with won’t be hands-on. But the organizer can see your bedroom, closet, garage, home office, or another space clearly via the live video or photos you share privately with them. The organizer will guide you through each session while you do the physical work. You two can also communicate by phone and email to move the process along as smoothly as in-person.

4.      Build New Habits

You might notice that the virtual sessions work better for you than in-person ones because you are in control and have minimal distractions. The sessions often end with our professional giving you a task to do before the next session, while keeps you on task and building organizational habits. Use your newfound knowledge to keep the home clutter-free after finishing the project with our organizer.

5.      Flexible Schedule

Our team understands that busy people don’t have time to spend several hours a week in virtual sessions. Instead, we meet at a frequency that works for you, based on your schedule. A great advantage of virtual organizing is that you can record videos, send emails, or have a quick chat by phone with our expert to stay on track, even during a hectic week.

A Few Last Words

Look forward to finally clearing the clutter by working virtually with one of our organizing professionals. Tidying the home can help you enjoy the space more, which is vital given the additional stress brought on by the pandemic.

Feel good about your house once it is more orderly and functional than before. If you’ve been wanting to organize for a while but weren’t quite how to start, call us today. Find out more about the process, including how we tailor the experience to your goals, lifestyle, and unique home. We look forward to hearing from you!