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4 Home Organizing Trends to Watch in 2022

So much has changed in the last few years, with so many of us spending more time at home. The abundance of home offices and the search for a sense of peace and security during uncertain times has driven new trends in home organization to watch for in the New Year.

1.      More Storage

Wanting to make the most of the house interior makes sense given the amount of time there. Thus, spaces such as garages will benefit from more homeowners adding storage solutions in 2022.

The storage options can range from custom cabinets to wall shelving. Our professionals often suggest storage options that hide belongings for a clean, clutter-free room, while keeping everything well organized.

2.      Expanding the Space

Another prediction is for home renovations that expand the physical space. An extra room is something more people are likely to need as they set up home offices long-term.

Having a division between personal and business spaces with a separate room for your job can help make achieving a healthy work/life balance easier. Another reason to expand might be to set up a games room or another type of entertainment area. Or maybe you are thinking about setting up a home gym.

3.      Rise of Minimalism

The minimalism trend continues in 2022 as many folks seek to achieve a calmer living space. Tossing or donating unneeded items involves creating a tidy area, but it is so much more than that.

Looking at the bigger picture, minimalism is about furnishing the home with the essentials. That enhances the area around you, making for a welcoming space that holds items of personal value. Integrating custom storage solutions provides a way to hold extra items you want to keep while keeping them out of sight.

home organizing trends

4.      Room for Relaxation

With travel so limited during the pandemic, a common thought is to create areas inside the home that are as relaxing as vacations far away. This type of room provides a haven without having to step out the front door.

Upgrading the bathroom is an example of a way to infuse relaxation. Perhaps adding tropical wallpaper provides a wonderful getaway experience while in a soaker tub. Creating a beautiful room free of stressful clutter makes for soothing surroundings.

A meditation room might be another idea, or perhaps just somewhere to sit and read a book with a cup of coffee. The main thing is to have a place to escape and unwind when you want to do so.

Creating a Meaningful Home

The trends above speak to the desire for a fuller home experience considering the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Looking for calmness at home makes sense, and that involves clearing clutter from rooms and closets.

We stay on top of trends to help you get more out of your home, from helping you organize to implementing storage solutions that fit your household’s needs. Reach out to our team for more ideas on better organizing and, in turn, get more from your house.