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3 Signs Downsizing Your Home is the Right Decision

The decision to downsize involves contemplating living with less and having a smaller space for easier upkeep. When it comes to what to do, you are surely looking for signs to tell you one way or the other. To help you make the decision that is a good fit for you, look for at least one of the scenarios below.

1.      A Strong Desire to Simplify Life

Do you feel drawn to a simpler lifestyle? Letting go of excess belongings when you downsize is a way to reach that goal.

Owning less, ironically, can give you so much more in life. As you won’t have clutter around you, there are fewer distractions. Plus, there isn’t the stress of where to put things anymore after you downsize as you now have only those things you use, which are easier to find a place to store in the home.

2.      Paying off Your Mortgage is a Priority

Moving to a smaller home than the current one usually means getting a smaller mortgage too. That means there is a lower amount to pay off before owning the residence outright. If that’s important to you, then downsizing is something to consider seriously.

Not only that but with a smaller residence generally comes lower bills each month. Having less to pay each month gives you more money to do the things that bring you pleasure.

downsizing to condo

3.      You want to Be Closer to Family

Perhaps your current residence is far from your loved ones. While it might not have started that way when you first moved in, the distance is now becoming a hindrance from seeing those who you care about the most.

If you want to see those you cherish more than once a year for Christmas, you might think about downsizing to a home in a more suitable location. You could then see your kids and grandchildren more often.

Other Signs to Look For

You might also be tempted to downsize if you are falling behind on maintenance. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the upkeep of the current place, from cleaning to decluttering.

Or, it could be that there is more space than you use so that you can move somewhere with less square footage. Perhaps there is an unused bedroom or bathroom.

When You Decide to Downsize

When it comes time to downsize your home, you’ll know because of the signs you see favouring this decision. At this point, you might feel the process of moving and deciding what to keep or let go of is stressful.

To help make your journey a smoother one, our professional organizers can help before and after the move, from helping you pack to determining the best layout for furniture in your new residence, based on your lifestyle. Rather than doing things without your approval, we support you to ease the pressure and provide a clutter-free residence for you.

Find out more about how we can help you by calling us today. We look forward to helping you begin the next stage in a smaller home that is organized how you want it to be!