10 Things That You Can Let Go Of That You Won’t Miss From Your Life


The longer I’ve worked as a Professional Organizer the less items I have retained in my life. As Albert Einstein once said – “Out of clutter, find simplicity”. In no way do I lead a minimalist lifestyle but I do find that every time I release myself of something I no longer use or have need for, I feel a sense of calm and organization in my life.

I have purged myself of quite a few things over the years and have not missed them at all. Here are a few items you may still have I’ll bet you will not miss too.

Anything you keep because it reminds you of someone.

Many of us keep items to remind us of a loved one that has passed on. That loved one will always be in your heart. But if you really need to keep something as a reminder consider a treasure box that can be hung on a wall to see the items each day rather than having items stored away in a box (probably in your basement).


I used to keep several cookbooks in the cupboard over the stove. Now I keep just a few recipes that I enjoy in a binder. I also use a couple of apps on my electronic device and the Internet holds more recipes than a million cookbooks ever could.

Music libraries

A few people I know are music aficionados and I do understand their need to keep a library of vinyl (even though it is probably another fad) but beyond that we don’t truly need to keep CD’s anymore with digital music available in so many formats.


I was shocked (and secretly pleased) when my husband finally went through his library and donated a couple of hundred CD’s.

CD and DVD players

Speaking of which, how many CD and DVD players do you have in your home and how often do they get used?


This is the probably the biggest challenge I face in many of the projects that we do. If an item of clothing is worn or damaged or doesn’t flatter you, get rid of it. So many people could use your hand me downs.


Same with shoes. Shoes that look worn can make an entire outfit look horrible. If they are worn or uncomfortable get rid of them. Why keep them if you don’t like to wear them?


The money you spent is gone and keeping them isn’t going to bring that back.

School items from your past

I know you’re proud of that high school trophy you won over 20 years ago but when is the last time you took it out to show it off and brag to your friends? I thought so.

Small Appliances

Bread makers and ice cream makers were a pretty hip thing to have. The eighties called and said it was OK to donate them.

Exercise equipment

Only you know when you are going to get back into exercising and if you can’t say when that time is specifically, then it is time to sell those pieces that are taking up valuable real estate. You could use the money to help pay for a gym membership.

Anything with an expiration date

Go through your fridge and your cupboards and check your expiration dates. Those dates aren’t cast in stone but if enough time has gone by, especially if an item has been opened please toss them rather than risk your health. And if you have anything that is still good and you don’t use please donate to a food bank. They can always be used to feed someone less fortunate.

A very important rule to follow while you de-clutter your life : do not take responsibility for items that do not belong to you. Instead, lead by example and I’m sure the others will follow.

So there you have ten items that I think, for the most part, you won’t miss and will create more space, make your home less cluttered and perhaps reduce a bit of your stress. If you think you may need some help in the de-cluttering process we are just a call or email away.