#1 Way To Pack For Travel – Rise And Hang Luggage

I am so thrilled to have discovered this amazing and very creative luggage system for travel that I must share it with you.  In fact I am so jazzed by this new product that I demonstrated it this morning live during my organizing segment on Rogers Daytime TV.  It’s the Action Pak Duffel Bag by Rise and Hang, created by a very talented young man here in Ontario, Lee Renshaw.  As a frequent traveller he was often frustrated with the packing and unpacking of his suitcase into hotel dresser drawers (as well as the fear of potential bed bugs, mold or dirt) and so he designed this hanging system for luggage which essentially involves never having to unpack your suitcase on a trip.  You simply hang up the Rise and Hang bag on your closet rod, pack it up with your clothes, toiletries, etc., and when you arrive at your hotel room, you simply  unzip the bag, pull up the interior handles and hang your luggage on the closet rod in your hotel room.

Rise and Hang Duffel


There is no unpacking involved as everything is already neatly sorted, organized and placed on individual shelves within the luggage unit.  There’s even a spot for dirty laundry at the bottom interior of the bag.  This bag was designed for shorter trips, but if you pack light it can easily store enough clothing for a week.  The price point is extremely reasonable at $69.99.  Rise and Hang also has other products called Insert Paks that fit inside your existing suitcase. One insert can fit inside a smaller suitcase and two inserts can fit inside a large suitcase giving you two organized spaces for clothing . They are also expanding their line of products and currently working on a design for a gym locker. It’s great to see young, local talent contributing with innovative ideas to help people stay organized while travelling. Gotta love it!

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  1. patti Smith
    patti Smith says:

    Sent you am email wanting to know where I can purchas the Rise and Hamg liggage, but noticed that my email address has a capital “p”. The accurate email address I’d all lower case letters.
    Patti Smith

  2. clutterbgone
    clutterbgone says:

    Hi Nancy,

    You can purchase these on-line through their website at http://www.riseandhang.com. And they were just featured on CBS on the Dragon’s Den!! It’s a fabulous product. If you have any problems in getting them just let me know and I will facilitate for you.

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