Bill M.

Bill M., On.

“After 46 years under the same roof it is easy to accumulate a lot of clutter.  Linda Vanderkolk of ClutterBGone accomplished our transformation….under time estimated and under budget.  With professional, if not military-like precision, she assessed, scheduled, managed and co-ordinated everything and everyone – including me, keeping me fully informed along the way.  With just the right timing she scheduled a shredding company to eliminate, in our driveway, over 60 bankers boxes of files, and a junk company to take away two truckloads for donation and recycling.  Linda got me so motivated and turned highly subjective decisions into easy objective ones.  I cannot believe the weight off my shoulders.  As I emotionally shared with Linda when the project was completed, in many respects ClutterBGone saved my life.  I revel in the transformation.”