National Moving Month – Prepare to Pack For Your Move

Moving and organizing GTA

May is national moving month. At ClutterBGone we’ve taken on a lot of projects involving pack and moves over the years. They start out as organizing and downsizing projects to get our clients ready to move. Then during the initial sessions our clients see the value and investment in hiring us to assist with not only the downsizing but with organizing the packing aspect, the move itself, the unpacking, settling in and then setting up and organizing at the new home to make it efficient and functional from day 1.

With moving season upon us, here is a list of things to prepare for and when.

Three months out

Have the mover or the rental truck booked. Most important is to get references or a referral to someone you can trust. You may have all read about contents being held for ransom for more money by some of the fly by night movers out there. Be careful and hire someone reputable.
If you can move more towards the middle of the month there is also a greater chance of getting the mover you want. When you are hiring a moving company get references and ensure everything is in writing.

Two months out

Begin the job of sorting and paring down. This is where we come in. Packing for move in GTAYou’re going to be busy enough closer to move day than to be worrying about this task and why pay to have things moved that you’re ultimately not going to need or use in your new home? We can help with those tough decisions and with getting rid of the clutter that doesn’t need to follow you to your new home.

One month out

Now is the time to ensure you have the correct supplies. Boxes, mats, ropes, ties and similar supplies are going to be needed for the move. We have contacts for all these supplies so you can feel confident that this is taken care of.

3 weeks out

Before your move make sure all your change of address notifications is completed and start packing everything you know you will not need until after your move. We specialize in getting you packed in an orderly and organized fashion so your unpacking goes much smoother. We label all boxes so the movers know exactly where they go in the new home.

Three weeks out is also a good time to start to use up the food you have in the fridge and freezer as well.

Moving day

Pack a suitcase with incidentals in case you need anything during the day. Packing and moving GTAIf at all possible have someone look after the kids for the day, as you don’t want the little ones under your feet during this hectic time.

If at all possible have your own lock put on the truck once everything has been loaded so only you can open it at the other end. Finally, don’t stress it. Be thankful you don’t move very often.

If you’re moving during this time, best of luck. If you’d love to be packed up, moved in and all settled in your new home in a matter of a few days, give us a call and learn how we can make that happen, stress free, so you can enjoy your new home from Day 1!

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