Living With A Professional Organizer – Things I Learned

Professional organizer GTA

I have always thought I was a fairly neat person and although I will admit that I’m not the most organized person, I didn’t think I was unorganized. However, my wife is a Professional Organizer in Toronto and living with her, I’ve found out just how organized I really am! In the beginning, I was a tad annoyed with how organized things have to be but eventually I became appreciative of those things that may have bothered me in the past. Let me give you a few examples:


For a guy how easy is it to maintain your wardrobe? You buy something new, pick up dry cleaning or put away your laundry by hanging it up or putting it in the drawers, right? Professional organizer GTANot so. I have learned that you hang your clothes according to colour and have all your shirts hanging the same way. Not only does this give you a neat appearance but it makes selecting your clothes a whole lot easier. I couldn’t believe how easy it was deciding what to wear with a system like this. There are a lot more tricks pertaining to clothes that can be taught as well.

One in, one out rule

This rule just seemed silly to me. Why would you want to get rid of something just because something new came in? Well, it turns out this may just be the best advice an organizer can give you. Rather than having closets and drawers that are crammed to the point where nothing else will fit in or a dresser drawer that is overflowing, if you follow this rule you will always have a neat and organized space with easy to find items. And really, when you have something new you don’t really want to use the older items anyway.


Just last week I put a frying pan away in the wrong spot and was “politely” reminded of where it goes. I use this as an example of why every thing needs a home. Professional organizer GTAI can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted in the past looking for things that were in the wrong place. A lot less time spent looking for things and a lot less frustration is the result of putting things back where they belong. Professional Organizers are great at creating space and systems to make your kitchen work more efficiently.

Giving back

This is by far the most important lesson learned from living with a Professional Organizer. Rather than tossing out things that I no longer require I take the time to look at it and decide if it is in good enough shape to donate. There are so many organizations that can use and even depend on donations to help the less fortunate. Everything from clothing to toys to small appliances and even items of value that can be sold at charity stores or auctions can be used to help someone else. Giving back is a large part of what Professional Organizers do.

So yes, being married to a Professional Organizer can have its challenges but it really does make life more organized, less stressful and more giving. If you are looking for downsizing or organizing services in the GTA contact ClutterBGone to learn how they can help you.

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