When Do You Know It’s Time To Downsize Your Home?

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For many people just the thought of downsizing is stressful, never mind the actual job of downsizing. Where did I get all this stuff? Why did I buy this? Why haven’t I used this for so long? How do I go about getting rid of these things? If you’re asking yourself some of these questions, then it’s probably time for you to downsize.

Are you navigating a minefield?

Cluttered homes have a tendency to become a bit of a safety hazard for some. Items are typically not put away and left out where they can become a trip hazard or a fire issue. If you’re finding there are safety and trip hazards in your home, this is a red flag for you to start your downsizing process.

Is your home a storage locker for others?

When your kids move out they tend to leave their things behind. Maybe you have more than one child who has done this. Maybe still they’re in life’s limbo and have dropped off their worldly possessions while they get themselves back together. How long ago was that?

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If you’re staying in your home because your kids need space to store their belongings, does that make sense to you? This is costing you money. Set a deadline to have your children pickup their possession or if not picked up by your deadline, perhaps it’s not as important to them as you think. There are always charity organizations that are willing to pick up for free.

Are you afraid of visitors?

If your home is cluttered or disorganized, you may feel embarrassed about having family or friends over.

This leads you and your family to become less social and more isolated. As a professional home organizer in Toronto ClutterBGone can help you get back into your circle of family and friends.

Can you use the money?

Why hang on to something that doesn’t mean a lot to you when you can sell it and use the money now to enjoy yourself. If money isn’t an issue there are many charities that can use your donation to assist others.

downsizing in toronto

Do it while you still can

Start the process of downsizing while you still have the ability and the desire to do so. If you leave it you may have to leave it to others that do not have your best interest at heart or don’t have the attachment to items that you will want to keep. At ClutterBGone we work as closely with you as you want us to be. Find out more here.

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