Ingenious Ways To Declutter And Organize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most used space in your home. We know it and we hear it a lot but it is often an area that is the most disorganized. There is a lot of activity taking place in your kitchen so it is hard to keep it organized. I have seen a lot of clever ideas to organize kitchens over the years. If you need some help, here are a few tips to help you with that task.

Double duty magazine rack

Pot lids and plastic container lids are a common nuisance for us all. Sometimes you just don’t have the space to store the pot lids with the pots and how many extra plastic containers lids do you have or are missing? A magazine rack mounted inside a closet door can help keep all of these in one place.

Label your fridge

This may sound a bit over the top but if you have a large family and they are all putting items back wherever they can cram them in, you have a fridge that is hard to find and retrieve anything in. Label each shelf or drawer with whatever descriptions work for you.

All members of the family will quickly get the hang of it and voila(!), you have an organized fridge.

Always use clear containers

This is my golden rule for any type of storage but especially in the kitchen when you need something for a recipe or a snack. Being able to see what is inside will save time and prevent your family from taking everything out to find what they need and then tossing items back in in disarray.

Hanging baskets

In smaller kitchens hanging baskets can be mounted under the cupboards to store fruits or cleaning supplies or anything else you need close at hand. There are so many different types to compliment your décor.

See what you have

When you open your cupboard to retrieve a spice for cooking or a can of soup to heat up you need to see what you have. I use the stepped shelf for cans and spices and I keep all packaged spices in a container I can slide in and out of the cupboard.

With the stepped shelf I can easily identify what I have (and don’t have ) and with the container everything is kept in one small compact bin rather than tossed inside the cupboard in a jumbled mess.

Take advantage of space

Some kitchens may be a lot smaller in new homes so you have to get creative to ensure you have a spot for everything you need. Tension bars under the sink will hold your cleaning supplies, a decorative basket or wooden box will store cutting boards or cookbooks on top of the fridge, floating shelves on a wall can increase your space dramatically. Your imagination and creativity are your only boundaries.

Kitchens can be challenging but there are a lot of ways and tools to help keep your kitchen organized no matter the size. Contact us here if you need help with your kitchen project.

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