De-Clutter Your Home And Get Rid Of These Ten Items

de-clutter your home

When my team and I are in homes assisting with downsizing and de-cluttering we often find the same items in a lot of homes. Here’s a list of those items that you can easily get rid of to make more space.

  • Mismatched and stained food containers

    Did you mistakenly keep spaghetti sauce in one of those cheaper plastic containers instead of glass? Now it’s stained red no matter what you put in it? Toss it out (the acidity breaks down the container leaving it ripe for bacteria). While you’re in the container storage drawer take it all out and match everything up. Now toss or re-purpose the containers without lids and vice versa. You’ll be surprised how much room you have and how organized your drawer will be and look. Don’t you feel better already?

  • Old reading material

    If you still like the feel of a physical magazine when you read (and I still do) at least get rid of those old past issues you have hanging around the house. Do we care what the Kardashian’s did last year? While we’re at it, let’s also toss those old manuals for things you no longer own.  I know you have them somewhere!

  • Dry cleaning hangars

    Oh, how I hate the hangers that the dry cleaners give you. They are flimsy and create little points in the shoulders of your garments. de-clutter your home

    Splurge for the slim line felt hangers to keep your garments safe on the hanger and to give your closet that uniform, organized look.  Those wooden hangers are great for coat closets but not so great for your clothes closets as they take up way too much space.

  • Left over take out food

    I’m not talking about actual food here but rather the little packets of condiments that you are given regardless of whether you use them or not. When is the next time you are going to use a packet of sweet and sour sauce or those little packets of ketchup? Toss ‘em!

  • Clothing that no longer fits or is not flattering

    Fashions do make a comeback but unfortunately, we’re usually not the same size when they do. I admit to owning an item or two of clothing for when I lose those ten pounds but many clients are hanging onto a whole closet of items hoping to use them again. A lot of charities would love your donation or there are a lot of high-end used clothing stores that may take your very gently used clothes. With more room or even a few dollars from a sale you can update your wardrobe. It can be hard to go through your own clothes with a discerning eye. If you need some help and someone to perhaps challenge you in terms of what you’re keeping in your closet and why, contact me here to learn how we can help with this task.

  • Socks without a mate

    Need we say more? When is the last time your washer or dryer coughed up an old lost sock? Not all single socks are a lost cause however.  I have some great ideas on using some of these lost babies…contact me here for more info on that.

  • Cookbooks if you are using your tablet

    Cookbooks are a common item kept in the kitchen and a lot of us receive them as gifts when we really don’t cook or want to change our way of your home

    Perhaps you have a couple of cooking apps on your device that you use instead. Go through them and toss or donate the ones you have not used.

  • Toiletries you picked up while traveling

    Really? Perhaps toss them in the donate bag and drop off to your local charity.

  • Left over gifts from a gift basket

    We all love receiving gift baskets mostly because we get items we would never normally buy or try but there is almost certainly an item or two in these baskets that we are never going to consume. Pass them along right away to someone you know that would use them or toss them altogether.

  • Boxes you are saving for moving

    This is one of my favorites. How often do we move that we need to keep “good” boxes for the next time we actually do. Unless you are a nomad or a gypsy I would suggest you recycle your boxes as soon as you can after moving in. Don’t worry, there will always be boxes available next time you move. I promise.

So, there you have it.  Ten items you can attack in your home right now to give you more space and a less cluttered look. How many of these do you have in your home? Need more ideas?  Contact me now to learn more about how we can help you to lift the weight off your shoulders and de-clutter.

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