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Do You Really Think You Are A Hoarder?

Many of our clients refer to themselves as “hoarders”. A lot of people use the term to describe others who have more possessions than they think they should have. Individuals that have been medically diagnosed as a hoarder typically require specialty services relating to de-cluttering and much more than just downsizing and organizing services. What…Continue Reading

National Moving Month – Prepare to Pack For Your Move

May is national moving month. At ClutterBGone we’ve taken on a lot of projects involving pack and moves over the years. They start out as organizing and downsizing projects to get our clients ready to move. Then during the initial sessions our clients see the value and investment in hiring us to assist with not…Continue Reading

Get Organized Week

Get organized week just past, being the first week of October. Now’s a great time to take part in Get Organized Week with Thanksgiving just over and the Christmas holidays approaching fast. What did you do to get organized? Being organized isn’t just having a home that looks neat and tidy and where everything has…Continue Reading

Secrets To An Organized Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of most homes where we gather to cook, eat or just talk. It is also the spot that causes many of you a lot of grief because of the organizational chaos happening there. Keep your kitchen an inviting space to be in by following these easy to follow tips. Baskets…Continue Reading

Exactly What Can A Professional Organizer Do?

When you hire a professional organizer you aren’t just hiring someone to come in and tell you what to keep and what to get rid of. A Professional Organizer does so much more. Most of us are trained by and are part of, the Professional Organizers in Canada. We work with many different types of…Continue Reading

ADHD & Clutter – A Recipe For Chaos?

ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a psychiatric disorder causing attention control, which can cause attention deficits. Many adults with ADHD have cluttered homes and work spaces. Some of you are able to function quite well in these surroundings and surprisingly can find anything you need quite quickly in a state that…Continue Reading

Clutter Awareness Week

In our industry, the last week of March is National Clutter Awareness Week. Although you should be aware of clutter and its impact on your life every day, an awareness week is a great time to stop and take a look around for those of you that tend to put things off. We don’t always…Continue Reading

5 Simple Steps To Organize Your Garage For Spring

Ah, spring is almost here! Unless you are an avid winter sportsman, winter can feel almost as long as the other seasons combined. The most popular ritual of spring has to be cleaning off the barbeque and I think the second most popular has to be cleaning out the garage. It’s almost like therapy! Here…Continue Reading

Storage Locker Organization

Storage Locker Organization

Not too long ago I was faced with the challenge of organizing two condominium storage lockers for “winter cleaning”. It was quite a challenge as the owner of the lockers, as well as his two sons, are sports enthusiasts and involved in everything from hockey, lacrosse, golf and fishing to mountain biking and more. Who…Continue Reading