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ADHD & Clutter – A Recipe For Chaos?

ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a psychiatric disorder causing attention control, which can cause attention deficits. Many adults with ADHD have cluttered homes and work spaces. Some of you are able to function quite well in these surroundings and surprisingly can find anything you need quite quickly in a state that…Continue Reading

How Do I Help My Child Organize Their Room

As a child you’ve probably been scolded and sent to your room to clean it many times. A very familiar sound in my house was my mother yelling “get this room cleaned up”. Now that I’m older and wiser and have gone through it with my kids, I now know she was trying to get…Continue Reading

It’s “Clean Out Your Closet Week”

The second week of March is “Clean Out Your Closet Week” and what better time to do so when the temperatures are on the rise and spring is just around the corner. Time to switch things up in the closet and get ready for the warmer months ahead. Here are a few questions to ask…Continue Reading

5 Signs You May Be Chronically Disorganized And What You Can Do About It

We are all a little disorganized in some aspects of our life but for some of you being disorganized affects your day-to-day living. Lets begin with defining what chronic disorganization is (also known as “challenging disorganization”). Being chronically disorganized is defined as being disorganized for a long period of time during which you have not…Continue Reading

6 Things Professional Organizers Want You To Know

I have been a Professional Organizer for several years I’m often asked a lot of different questions about organizing and down sizing. There are a few things that I seldom get asked that I think you should know. The System When you hire a professional organizer you are not only hiring somebody who will help…Continue Reading

Organizing In The New Year – 5 Easy Steps

In any business, organizing is a process of establishing work required, the flow of work and grouping of activities related to that work. It really isn’t that different when you apply this to your home or small office. In the professional organizing industry we like to use the acronym SPACE – Sort, Purge, Assign, Containerize…Continue Reading

Post Christmas “Boxing” Day

Christmas morning can be a very exciting time in the house, especially if you have kids. I could sit back and watch them open gifts all day. Their eyes widen, the smiles go from ear to ear and the squeals of delight are music to my own ears. I’m talking about kids of all ages…Continue Reading

How To Stay Calm and Stay Organized During the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. Each year they seem to come quicker and quicker. Right after Halloween we start to get bombarded with holiday commercials and you’ve probably noticed that the local paper is a few pounds heavier with the holiday flyers. Here are a few ideas to…Continue Reading

Can You Make Room For Santa?

Do you have a head start on purchasing your holiday gifts or are you going to leave it to the last minute – again? Like it or not the holidays are approaching. Now is a great time to take stock of your child’s toys to make room for the new toys that Santa and family…Continue Reading

Get Your Children Organized For Life

Many parents let out a sigh of relief when the kids went back to school. We love them but after a couple of months of entertaining them and being around the house so much we appreciate our kids being back in school. Many of you thought of tackling the disorganization in their rooms while they…Continue Reading