What Is a Professional Organizer?

  When I meet people and they ask, “so what do you do?” I tell them that I’m a professional organizer and that’s when I wait for their reaction. Almost always I get a confused look. You know what I mean, the crinkled face, the raised eyebrow and the sense they’re about to ask if…Continue Reading

Organizing and Decluttering Your Garage for Spring!

The snow is gone, the air is milder, the buds are starting to appear. All the signs of spring are here! So why aren’t you excited? Are you having a tough time getting into your garage to find your gardening tools and patio furniture? Well, you’re not alone. Your garage is a space that’s largely…Continue Reading

When Do You Know It’s Time To Downsize Your Home?

For many people just the thought of downsizing is stressful, never mind the actual job of downsizing. Where did I get all this stuff? Why did I buy this? Why haven’t I used this for so long? How do I go about getting rid of these things? If you’re asking yourself some of these questions,…Continue Reading

The Link Between Clutter & Depression – Home Organizing in Toronto

Dr. David Tolin is an American psychologist and researcher. He’s the Founder and Director of the Anxiety Disorders Center at the Institute for Living and a professor at the Yale University School of Medicine. He has recently concluded a study that confirms the link between hoarding and depression. “Hoarding participants reported higher levels of depression…Continue Reading

How To Know It’s Time To Organize Your Tax Files

The date for receiving all your T4 slips and contributing to your RRSP’s has past. Perhaps you owe the government money or are waiting for a refund. It may seem a bit early to focus on this year’s receipts and paperwork but the earlier the better. Avoid a mountain of paper next tax year and…Continue Reading

Organize Your Home Office Day

  Did you know that one in four North American households have a home office? A home office isn’t just for the self-employed or for those that work from home anymore. They are used for a place to sort and pay bills, do work at night not completed during the day and for doing homework.…Continue Reading

10 Best Organizing Items to Buy at the Dollar Store

Dollar stores are one of the best places to buy organizing supplies. You can organize your kitchen, your bathroom, your closets, your garage – even your vehicle can get organized with supplies available at most dollar stores. Most of the organizing products found in dollar stores are actually of decent quality, which makes these stores the…Continue Reading

De-Clutter Your Home And Get Rid Of These Ten Items

When my team and I are in homes assisting with downsizing and de-cluttering we often find the same items in a lot of homes. Here’s a list of those items that you can easily get rid of to make more space. Mismatched and stained food containers Did you mistakenly keep spaghetti sauce in one of…Continue Reading