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Your Chaos. Our Solution. Your Peace of Mind.


When you hire ClutterBGone you’ll receive a complete transformation of the areas that cause you grief and frustration, maximization of your space and a new found freedom with that weight lifted right off your shoulders.  Your focus and productivity will increase dramatically and no more feelings of being overwhelmed or embarrassed.

Drawing on our years of expertise we’ll provide you with practical advice for de-cluttering and organizing, show you how to tame the emotional pull of acquiring additional things, make order out of chaos and create an organizational system that reduces your stress and anxiety.

With a combined 20+ years of professional home organizing expertise, our team will provide a courteous, sensitive, client focused experience. At ClutterBGone we create positive, strong and lasting relationships. We’re honoured that our clients invite us to come into their homes and small businesses. That’s a huge leap of faith and we appreciate that trust.  We’ve worked hard to find and create solid partnerships with service providers in our industry that we can refer to and use for our clients with the utmost respect and integrity. Our clients are truly our # 1 priority.

Linda Vanderkolk

Principal Lead Organizer

Linda VanderkolkClutterBGone is the brainchild of Linda Vanderkolk. She’s a people person and is devoted to working directly to enhance peoples’ lives. Linda created ClutterBGone to help others by creating positive, lasting change and transformations.

“I didn’t realize the work we do transforms lives until I heard that phrase repeatedly from clients we’d worked with. I am humbled and grateful to be able to help people improve their lives. It’s truly an honour.”

With several years’ of experience in the field of social services, followed by 24+ years in the corporate legal world, Linda is expertly positioned and trained to manage any organizational challenge, and the emotions that may arise during transitions.  She gets excited during consultations with clients because she sees and knows exactly how she’ll transform a space and, by extension, a life. Sometimes she even gets goose bumps and can’t wait to get started on a project. Her enthusiasm and zeal for what she does is contagious, motivating and inspiring to both our team and clients.

Varsha Singh

Manager, Operations & Client Care

Varsha’s attention to detail paired with her warm and compassionate personality provides our clients with a personalized experience. Growing up in a household with a parent that has severe hoarding tendencies, she knows first hand the challenges of living in disorganized chaos.

“I’ve always enjoyed bringing forth change for people and I’m thrilled to be a part of releasing the stress and tension our client’s hold due to clutter and disorganization.”

An active member of the Professional Organizers in Canada with several years’ experience in the legal and customer service field, Varsha is perfectly positioned to coordinate and manage project planning, operations and client care.  She welcomes the opportunity to make each client’s experience exceptional.

Bernice England

Lead Organizer

Bernice EnglandBernice England’s strong sense of caring and compassion, her extraordinary people skills and exceptional feel for organizing benefits many of our clients.  A Trained Professional Organizer since 2008 and Certification as a Senior Move Manager in 2009,  Bernice serves our clients with nothing less than excellence.

“I love the client interaction knowing that I have a skill set to get our client’s through whatever is overwhelming them.   Seeing the physical space, right away I get of sense of where they are at. 

Bernice believes strongly in volunteering her time to serve her community and has fulfilled various leadership roles with the Professional Organizers in Canada.  With 9+ years in the organizing industry she is a welcome addition to our team using her passion, design sense and organizing expertise to make client’s life changes and transitions easier.

Michele Li

Lead Organizer

michele-l-photoMichele Li’s fresh enthusiasm, energy and skills she brings to every project truly inspires and motivates our clients. A Trained Professional Organizer with a background in psychology, teaching, health promotion and workplace wellness, Michele has a keen understanding of the challenges and sensitive issues our clients struggle with daily.

I’m always amazed by how much positive, uplifting energy a simple room transformation can do for people.

Helping clients is not just about improving their physical surroundings; it’s about the magic that happens during the process – the mental and emotional satisfaction and inspiration our clients experience as we work together to achieve their goals.”

Michele is a wonderful addition to our team, creating functional organization combined with a keen sense of balance, control and harmony within our client’s homes and working spaces.

Tamara Lowe

Lead Organizer
Tamara is a Professionally Trained Organizer and has been a valued member of our team for with over 4+ years of organizing experience.  She has a natural talent and sensibilities and with her background in design and the health industry she has cultivated enhanced listening skills to thoroughly understand our client’s needs.

“I’m always inspired by our client’s willingness to allow us into their personal space to help them create the environment they desire and play a small part in realizing their dreams.”

With strict attention to detail and expertise in residential organization, de-cluttering and downsizing, Tamara implements maintainable systems that blend aesthetics, form and function into our clients’ daily lives.


Our services are provided throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area including York, Durham & Simcoe Regions. Being a proud and active member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, we are bound by their code of ethics and standards of business practice. We proudly support the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness and are a registered partner with the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Our team’s mission is to exceed client expectations with exceptional customer service, professional expertise and unwavering commitment to an excellent client experience. Fundamental to this mission is our commitment that every client will receive an elevated level of expertise.

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