8 Things To Get Rid Of To Reduce Clutter And Get Organized

Organizing in the GTA

You don’t have to be a professional organizer to have your home looking organized and neat. There are many items that you can clear out on your own to reduce clutter and get a little better organized. Here are some of the easier things you can address.


Those thin metal hangers you get from the dry cleaners will leave indentations in your clothes and leave an unorganized look in your closet. Make a small investment in matching slimline, wooden or plastic hangers and see how organized your closet will look. Uniformity is key.


While you’re in the closet take a hard look at what you wear and what you don’t. Reduce clutter
If you follow our one in, one out rule after you have downsized your closet you wont have an unorganized mess in there anymore.


When was the last time you went through your shoes to eliminate the ones you don’t wear anymore or are worn, uncomfortable or damaged? We like the variety of shoes but once they are worn or become ill fitting it is time to go.


Samples are so easy to accumulate whether its make-up, food or whatever you name it. If you haven’t used it right after you received it you probably never will. Clear out your drawers and fridges with these samples and make more room.


This is an important one. Reduce clutter
Many of you keep medicine that is out of date or no longer required. Not only does it make your medicine storage area look messy but also it can be a danger if you take the wrong medication in error.

The Refrigerator

How often do you open your fridge door and shudder at the thought of what is in there? When was the last time you went through it to discard all the old left overs and expired food? Do this on a regular basis and see how organized your fridge will look.


Cookbooks always take up a lot of valued space in the kitchen but are seldom used. Get a few good apps on your phone or tablet and ditch the cookbooks.


Styles and colours change so if you have been hanging onto old gallons of paint it may be time to clear it out. Dispose of it according to your local bylaws or if you have enough, there are several charities that may take it.

These are just a few of the items that you can address to make your home less cluttered looking and more organized. We know all the tips and systems to help you get your entire home or just a room organized and de cluttered. Contact us here to learn more.

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