10 Best Organizing Items to Buy at the Dollar Store

Organized kitchen

Dollar stores are one of the best places to buy organizing supplies. You can organize your kitchen, your bathroom, your closets, your garage – even your vehicle can get organized with supplies available at most dollar stores. Most of the organizing products found in dollar stores are actually of decent quality, which makes these stores the first place you should check when you want to get organized. Not all organizing supplies are created equal, though.

Here’s our picks of the 10 the best organizing products available at your local dollar store:

Baskets & bins

Baskets & bins are some of the best organizing tools that you can use to get organized, and dollar stores sell them for a few dollars or less. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and designs, so you are sure to find some that fit your style.

kitchen organizing dollar store items
Don’t think that dollar stores only carry plastic, either. They also have fabric, wicker, and metal bins and baskets.

Drawer organizers

There’s not much worse than opening up a drawer and seeing it crammed full with stuff. It makes it almost impossible to find what you’re looking for. At dollar stores you can find drawer organizers that will help get all kinds of drawers organized. Organize your cutlery, your small kitchen tools, clothing, toiletries, craft supplies, food and more!  Lots of sizes to choose from to get your home organized.

Desk supplies

home organizing office productsYou can find a ton of desk organizing supplies and office accessories at dollar stores that you will help you to organize everything that clutters your home office.

You can find all sorts of items that will fit your office decor at a fraction of the cost of department stores.


Jars are a fantastic organizing tool, and dollar stores have many of them. Small jars, medium jars, large jars – they have them all. Use them to organize spices, food, craft & scrap booking supplies, ribbon, small items (nails, screws), markers or crayons.

The possibilities are endless! And if you feel overwhelmed with the task of sorting and organizing everything in your home you can email me to learn about how we I can assist you.


Dollar store buckets can be used to organize so many things, such as cleaning supplies, toys, toiletries and food. You can also use smaller buckets for organizing craft supplies, bathroom items, and small food items in your kitchen. Dad can always use a couple of buckets in the work room or garage. Don’t forget to think outside of the “bucket”.  For example, buckets can be fastened to your wall with hooks and used to organize children’s toys and much more!


When it comes to getting organized, one of the best things you can do is get everything off of the floor and off of your surfaces. organized home dollar store items

This is where hooks come in handy, and thankfully, dollar stores have a wide variety of them available.

Be creative and you will be surprised at how functional any type of hook can be in your home organization

Ice Cube Trays

Although they are perfect for making ice cubes, these trays are handy for more than just that. Use them to organize all of your very small items, such as jewelry, small office supplies, makeup and of course, all of those small items in your junk drawer. Try them in your bathroom drawer and let me know what you use them for.

Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers can be used for so much more than just organizing shoes! Stick one in your car to corral kids items and in your pantry for small packages.

You can also use them to organize cords, toiletries, craft supplies and so much more!

Binders & File Folders

Get your papers organized with binders and file folders, available at almost every dollar store. Most dollar stores even have page dividers for binders, which makes it even easier to organize the papers that you put in your binder. File folders are great for coupons, receipts and other small papers. All of my recipes are kept neatly in binders.

Mesh Bags

These little bags are extremely inexpensive (usually $1 for a package of 2 or 3)  and can be used to organize so many things. I use them in my purse, the diaper bag, and in my laundry room (I put detergent samples in them). They can be used for other organizing tasks, too, such as food, toys (especially bath toys), clothing, makeup and much more!

Organizing stores can sometimes we costly and although they do have some pretty nice stuff, you don’t need to pay their  prices to get organized. A quick trip to your local dollar store will leave you with a ton of good quality organizing supplies!

What is your favorite organizing product to buy at a dollar store?  We have been to many organizing and dollar stores to help our clients get and stay organized and would love to do the same for you. To learn more about how we can help you get organized in your home just email me here.

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